Daddy: The minute we found out we were pregnant with you we started putting things in place and we found someone to do an ultrasound. They were recommended by our insurance company so we figured why not. The place was called baby’s first image. I was not happy at the end of the ultrasound. Mostly because I thought the ultrasound technician rushed through everything. And they never sent us the picture they took.

Mommy: So a few weeks later we went to an OB doctor. We had a thorough ultrasound done. The lady doing the ultrasound was kind of mean to Daddy she yelled at him for taking a picture of the ultrasound. You were wiggling around like crazy and super cute it was kind of adorable.

Daddy: The first time we got an ultrasound done I was half nervous half excited. I’m usually a Hands-On kind of person. I try to help out whenever I can. During the first ultrasound I set back and just watched. For the second ultrasound I rolled up my sleeves and I was ready to participate. The funny thing is the ultrasound technician didnt want any help.

Mommy: So we checked make sure that you had two arms two legs and all of your body parts were intact. Everything looked good and it put our minds at ease. We were told that you were a boy that time and that evening we went home and started talking about your name. About a week earlier your Grandma sat down for dinner with us at a restaurant and suggested the name Jameson. Everyone really loved it I think from that point forward we knew that was going to be your first name.

Daddy: It’s kind of odd how life works sometimes. I never drink whiskey until I took a trip to Ireland. I visited the Jameson Whiskey distillery in Dublin. From that moment on Jameson Whiskey was my drink of choice. I even got your grandfather drinking it. Before Jameson he was very into Patron tequila. What I didn’t know was the name Jameson was going to stick with me for the rest of my life.

Mommy: The same evening we made the decision that your first name would be Jameson and we also decided that your middle name would be Colby.

Daddy: The ultrasound technician at baby’s first image told us that your womb was perfectly healthy. I thought this person was a joke and it was not in the best taste for her to make that decision. At your second ultrasound we got the same information. This information came from an actual doctor. Once we found out you are doing super well your mother was able to take a big sigh of relief.

The best part of every baby appointment according to your mother is when she gets to hear your little heart beat. Boys that thing moving around.

You refuse to kick while I’m around

We are in week 18 of your pregnancy. Everyday I hear stories about you moving around inside of your mother’s stomach. She tells me how she can feel every movement. Every kick.

Some days she will call me into the room and tell me to place my hand on her stomach. I will literally move your mother’s hand and place mine where she just felt you kick. I feel nothing. I move my hand around, I feel nothing.

It’s like you already know how to play games with me. The funny thing is I actually enjoy it. I’m not going to enjoy it when you’re older and possibly smarter than I am.

One day you’re going to kick really hard and I will feel your kicks. That’s what makes me excited the most. I wish you were already here. Grandma and Grandpa keep telling me that you will be here sooner than I can believe.

Hi Baby

Baby Panda's First Picture

It was April 3rd, 2017. It was late in the morning, around 10:30 am, when your mother mentioned she was not feeling so well. I asked her if she was having morning sickness. That’s the exact moment we thought about you.

I work for a web development company called I support websites. Your mother is between jobs and has a few interviews lined up that seem to be very promising. Until 10:30 am that morning, we were anti-children. We told our friends and family we were not going to have kids. Anytime someone asked us about having kids, we simultaneously say “I don’t want to have children”. At one time, we said it at the same time.

Your mother has PCOS. Google it sometime. Essentially, doctors told your mother it would be near impossible for her to have kids. I, your father, had a vasectomy at the age of 22. Google that later as well. Essentially, it prevents me from having kids. I was so sure about not having kids.

I met your mother on June 18th, 2016. I picked her up for our first date. On our first date, we discussed how we felt about children. We both agreed we didn’t want to have children.

When I first met your mother she was taking birth control for her PCOS. After a while, she stopped taking it because it gave her pretty traumatic mood swings. We were not worried about it because of my vasectomy.

On April 3rd, 2017 your mother took a pregnancy test. The results were positive. We both stared at each other and at the test for some time. We were pretty shocked. Your mother took another test a couple hours later. We got the same results.

After the second pregnancy test, we both looked at each other and decided to welcome you into our lives. I used to make jokes about having abortions and not wanting kids. Maybe I’ll tell you about those someday. After the second pregnancy test, I stopped making those jokes.

It’s one thing to make a joke and have some pretty dumb theories about life. It’s another thing once you find out you’re going to be a father and a mother.

The first thing we did was reach out to my company and we put your mother on my insurance. Once we had confirmation of insurance, we started calling around asking for advice on what to do next. A person at my insurance company told us to make an appointment and get an ultrasound. You can Google what those are. You can also look at the picture on this blog post and see the very first image of yourself.

I’m going, to be honest with you for a minute.

Because of her PCOS, we thought all of her current symptoms were coming from the disease. It’s quite frequent of your mother to miss her periods.

We thought your mother was a month into her pregnancy. Once we went and had the ultrasound taken, we discovered your mother was 4 month into her pregnancy. This was the most shocking news we had to date. The ultrasound technician told us we were having a little boy.

I use to hack your mother’s cell phone and post random messages on her Facebook profile. Funny little things. The day we went to get the ultrasound, we posted your picture. I let your mother post it on my Facebook page. Making it seem like she had been waiting for the right time to hack my profile. People congratulated us.

This was the first time we told our friends and family about you.

Since day one, you’ve been welcomed into our lives, and the lives of all our friends.

Ever sense that day on April 3rd, we have thought about you and discussed every detail of your life. From how we are going to raise you to where we’re going to live.

Your mother is very excited and can’t wait to meet you. You are moving around inside of her tummy. Some days you’re moving around constantly. She wants you to know she can feel every tiny little thing that you’re doing.

I have thought about you for a very long time. Even though I used to make jokes about not having children, in my head, I have had conversations with you. I can’t imagine life without you and your mother.

Your mother and I, we truly believe we’re soul mates. Because of this belief, we think you’re a sign that all of this was meant to be.

We love you.